Blocked drains are a problem and can soon disrupt your toilets, sinks, bath, washing machines, etc. It is important to tackle the problem in the early stages to avoid losing your facilities. Early warning signs can be slow running sinks, rising water levels in toilets, odours and high water levels in external drains. Here at Crystal DMS Ltd we ask for as much information as possible during your initial call to establish the best course of action in the most effective way.

How We Clear Domestic Drains

Most domestic drains can be cleared using techniques with rods, mechanical cleaners and plunging equipment with the minimum of fuss and great results. Sometimes foreign objects can be blocking your drains further down the line and we have the very latest high pressure water jetting equipment which can be used to clear the drain blockage and at the same time give your blocked drains a good clear out!

High Pressure Water Jet

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